Saturday, November 7, 2009

Moving to England

I received a promotion and the chance to move to England to head up the office we have there. I was very excited about this opportunity as I had always wanted to travel abroad but could never find the time. Being single with no children made me the obvious choice to run the office in England. Before my move I flew over there to secure an apartment and make arrangements for a moving company to transfer my belongings from California to England. The moving company gave me a check list of important details I might not know about, one of which stated that many American electronics won’t work in the UK. I decided the best thing to do was to sell the multisystem plasma TV that I already had and purchase a new one when I got to England.

After my initial visit to England I began packing my belongs to get ready for my move. I contacted the electronic store where I had purchased my entertainment system and I was quite pleased to find out that my TV was already convertible and I already had a code free DVD player. I didn’t have to buy a thing. The technician I talked to told me that many new systems are made so that they can be used in the United States as well as abroad; this was very good to know.

Electronics are quite expensive in the UK compared to the so a co-worker at my new office in England inquired about getting him a region free DVD player and bringing it to England for him when I move. I agreed and went back to the electronic store where I had purchased my entertainment system. I was able to find the device he wanted which cost about half as much as it would in England.

It was very nice to get moved and settled into my new place across the pond. My belongings actually reached my apartment before I did and were moved in before I got there. My multisystem plasma TV and all the gadgets that go with it were set up and in good working form by the time I moved myself in. It was very nice to not have to worry about buying new electronics that would work in the UK; it’s nice that technology took care of all those details.

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