Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Truly Universal Multisystem Home Entertainment Devices

In the past it was difficult to purchase a home entertainment system that was globally universal. What worked fine in the United States could not be converted to work in Europe or other regions of the world. I never knew this was a real problem until my daughter, who lives in the United Kingdom, was looking to purchase a multisystem LCD TV but found the prices in the UK were much higher than they are in the United States. She explained what kind of system she wanted and then she began explaining what she needed. There are different broadcasting and video systems in different regions of the world. PAL (Phase Alternation Lines) is used in Europe. NTSC (National Television Systems Committee) is the broadcasting system we use in the United States. For many years you could not purchase a television in the US and then take it to Europe and use it; it wasn’t compatible. However technology has improved dramatically and one can now purchase a television in the US and it will convert if used in the UK.

After becoming educated about the different broadcasting and video systems, I began searching for the multisystem LCD TV she wanted to purchase. I felt rather intelligent when I walked into the electronic department and began inquiring about the entertainment systems they had available and if they were PAL convertible and are 110v 60HZ, and 220v 50HZ Compatible. I was really hoping the sales associate wouldn’t throw out a test question for me and see through my true ignorance. Luckily he didn’t and he began showing me the systems I was in the store to possibly purchase. In hindsight I suppose his eagerness to help me was reflective of the commission he would make from this rather large sale of a multisystem LCD TV and possibly a Region Free DVD Player; a device that can be used anywhere in the world that doesn’t have a lock-out code.

After spending the greatest part of an entire weekend, I finally found the electronics I need to buy for my daughter. I was surprised to find out they weren’t that much more expensive than devices that are not convertible. I purchased the multisystem LCD TV and as a special gift to her, I bought her the Region Free DVD Player. I was very pleased to find out the store would ship the devices for me at a much smaller cost than what I would have to pay if I shipped them myself. My daughter was thrilled for getting such a good deal and I was happy to get this task completed.

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