Monday, October 19, 2009

A Great Employee Perk: Multisystem LCD TV!

Companies with global sales reach often struggle to find rewards and sales contest bonuses appropriate for their entire organization. Here's an idea, if you're facing that same puzzle: Reward your top performers with electronics such as multisystem LCD TV systems. In that way, whether your winning sales professional is in Singapore or San Francisco, the same prize can be awarded.

Let's face it: Global sales organizations move at lightning pace! It's hard for sales managers to keep their teams motivated without attractive incentives beyond their commissions. It can also be difficult to maintain equal incentives across the board. By offering your sales professionals the chance to earn electronics they can use in any country, you eliminate the need to send individual managers searching for appropriate bonuses.

There's another reason to reward a top sales professional with a
code-free DVD player appropriate for all video formats. By doing so, you underline the global nature of your business. If you're asking your employees to transfer from one country to another as your business grows, why not send globally appropriate electronics such as multisystem plasma TV systems along?

You might not know that there are three primary broadcasting standards used throughout the world for television transmission. NTSC is used in North America, a portion of South America, Japan, South Korea, Burma and Taiwan. Most of Europe and portions of Africa and South America use PAL broadcasting standards instead. The rest of the world, including France and the former Soviet bloc countries, use a format called SECAM.

Televisions made to receive only one type of broadcasting can't be used in other areas. That's where a multisystem LCD TV comes in. These universal electronics, as well as
multisystem Plasma TV sets, receive all broadcasting formats and are adaptable to all electrical supplies, as well. Because of those differences, DVDs are also coded regionally and normally can only be played on the DVD players made for that format. Fortunately, a "region free DVD player" plays all formats and is, therefore, globally appropriate.

You can understand, then, why gifting an employee for great performance within your global sales organization with a television that only works on one continent might not be your best choice. Increase the incentive with electronics that can travel to wherever your employee transfers. Globally appropriate electronics like a
region free DVD player are a boon to sales managers in global sales organizations. You now have the opportunity to reward top performers around the world with the same high-quality multisystem electronics.

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