Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Best Wedding Gift

Three months ago my husband and I were married. The wedding was wonderful and we received many great gifts. We received so many presents. It took us days to open all of them. Everyone was so generous we felt very blessed with every gift we were given.

After days of opening gift after gift and sorting through serving platters and toasters, I opened up a Region Free DVD Player. He checked the card and it was from my aunt. We both thought it was one of the nicest gifts we had received from the wedding. My aunt is always coming up with unique gifts for family and friends.

Two months after the wedding, my husband informed me that he was being transferred overseas. His company was opening an office overseas. This was exciting news and I could not wait to get our house packed up and ready for the move. After a week of unpacking and sorting through all of our new household items, I remembered the DVD player that my aunt had given us. I quickly opened it up and read the directions. It was a Coby 7 TFT under-the-cabinet DVD player with a radio and a TV. I knew the perfect place for this great gift. I installed it under the cabinet in my kitchen all by myself and it was so easy.

When my husband got home from a hard day at the office, he noticed that I had hooked up the DVD player. The first question he asked if it would work here in Italy. I told him not to worry because my aunt was bright enough to make sure that is was a Region Free DVD Player and would work in any country.

The DVD player was the best gift that we had ever received from my aunt. Now, I could watch all of my cooking DVDs in the kitchen and not have to worry about them not working since they were all from the United States. The Code Free DVD player in the kitchen is now used on a daily basis. My husband and I use it as much as the coffee maker. It now has become one of our favorite appliances in the kitchen. With it fitting right underneath the cabinet and the screen flipping down it is the perfect space saving kitchen appliance. This is one present that did not get returned.

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