Thursday, October 8, 2009

Code free DVD

Do you love watching a wide range of movies, not just from your own country, but from many different cultures? It's possible you've been frustrated by your inability to play international DVDs. If that's the case, a code free DVD player should be your next purchase.

You may not have understood why the Bollywood movie you bought from an Indian site wouldn't play on your American DVD player. It's actually based on the format your television will accept. Aregion free DVD player erases the boundaries between formats for various countries

Here's a little more in-depth explanation, just in case you're wondering why these differences exist. Movie lovers from the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Canada and a few other countries see their movies inNTSC format. That simply identifies the way in which television is broadcast in those countries. NTSC is broadcast in 60hz, 30 frames per second format.

On the other hand, most Asian and European countries broadcast television in PAL. That means it's a 50hz format with 25 frames per second. The problem comes when you purchase DVDs made in another country. Because televisions are built according to how the television signal is broadcast locally, they won't accept DVDs that play differently. In other words, the DVD you play on your TV must be made in your region.

Or rather, that was the case before code free DVD players were invented. These wonderful devices override the DVD region code within the DVD so that you are able to play your Bollywood video in Dallas. Theseregion free DVD players are a true sign of today's global village. No longer are movie buffs isolated by region. With the ability to play both NTSC and PAL formatted DVDs, the boundaries between continents has finally been eliminated.

Treat yourself to a code free DVD player if you yearn to watch movies from around the globe. It's going to be a whole new world!

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