Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Take Your Movie Collection Wherever You Go with Code Free Electronics

To start today's discussion on DVD formats, let's consider the case of the up-and-coming UK professional who also happens to love movies. His resume is as impressive as his collection of DVDs, and he's soon on his way to an American post. What a disappointment to learn that the DVDs he's spent so much time collecting won't play on American video equipment! Must he pitch the movie collection? No! It's simply time for him to purchase a region free DVD player and get back to enjoying his movies.

Invest in a Code Free DVD Player
Our DVD-rich professional owns a large number of DVDs recorded in Europe, which means they're in PAL (Phase Alternation Line) format. American DVD players only play DVDs recorded in NTSC (National Television System Committee) format.

To complicate matters even more, he'd like to be able to continue building his movie collection by buying DVDs in America. By doing so, he's mixing NTSC and PAL formats, which can cause a big headache without the right electronics.

A "code free DVD player" (sometimes called a "region free DVD player") allows you to play DVDs from any region, whether the local format is PAL or NTSC. They have the added convenience of being compatible with any country's electrical voltage.

Rather than having to replace his beloved movie collection with DVDs formatted for his new home country, he can simply invest in a DVD player that removes these formatting restrictions. One example of this type of global technology is the Coby DVD-224, an inexpensive option for playing DVDs from all six international regions.

But What About BluRay?
It gets a bit tricky, however, if he owns both BluRay and regular DVDs. Regular DVDs are recorded in one of six different formats, depending on the geographic region. BluRay DVDs, on the other hand, have only three regional formats. It's possible to buy a region free DVD player for BluRay that will also play any format regular DVD, but that's not a given.

To make sure you're buying equipment that can serve both needs, check with your electronics vendor before buying. They can steer you to the right brands and models and even suggest converters for your television, if it won't accept an international format.

Moving about from continent to continent doesn't have to mean giving up your precious movie collection. Keep it playing, and enjoy buying even more movies, by investing in a code free DVD player. By doing so, you can join the ranks of the truly international movie aficionados.

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