Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This television, the Sharp LC-22SL50 is a high performance television. It is thin and compact with a 22-inch screen. It will recieve the best high definition signals (720p, 1080i, 1080p), and the Idle TV Standby feature will rest the display when left idle, in order to conserve electricity. Also, its small size and minimal weight make it an ideal television to travel with.
The 22-inch Full HD Liquid Crystal Display retains its brilliance for many years. With this and other exciting new technologies, this television will bring you the greatest form of video entertainment possible and work to keep you entertained for years to come.
The Sharp LC-22SL50 has many features. These features include different viewing features to dynamically enhance your experience, which includes a high contrast ratio. This creates realistic contrasts, and superb motion performance, reducing blur and making this television the greatest buy for gamers and people who watch sports. With the great aesthetic design and "piano finish" frame, this television is also simple and beautiful in its design, and this makes it an ideal addition to any style of living room.
Also, thanks to an impressively wide viewing angle, you can view this television from anywhere in the room. Some other televisions must be viewed from directly in front, to avoid seeing distortions, but the Sharp LC-22SL50 has a very wide viwing angle, and can be viewed from many angles without distortion. Digital Noise reduction is a technology that allows you to enjoy your viewing experience without any visual abnormalities.
This television also has Eco Mode, which decreases the amount of power the television uses to operate, as well as Power Management features to even further help decrease your electricity consumption. It is also dual-voltage and multisystem, and therefore this television can function anywhere in the world without a voltage converter.

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