Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Multisystem TV vs. Regular TV

What is the difference between Multisystem TVs and regular TVs? It may not be noticed by the average American but it sure is a lot different for someone who wants to watch foreign DVDs and videos. Unlike a regular TV, a Multisystem TV is a TV that can receive and display different video systems like PAL, SECAM and NTSC. People from both the US and overseas should consider buying a Multisystem TV to further enhance their home entertainment systems.

A Multisystem TV can work in 99% of the world while regular TVs can only operate in North America, such as US and Canada. Multisystem TVs also have a dual voltage design so that it can be plugged in anywhere in the world, such as 110-220 voltage countries and 220-240 voltage countries. Multisystem TVs are also different sizes than regular TVs. In the US, TVs are measured by the screen while in other countries; TVs are measured including the casing of the TV. A multisystem VCR will play both PAL and NTSC tapes, but if your TV cannot receive the PAL signal, it will not display the picture.

Another difference between Multisystem TVs and regular TVs is that the US does not really sell Multisystem TVs . This is because they are not highly demanded which poses a problem to people who want to view DVDs and videos from overseas. Buying Multisystem TVs in the US or Canada tend to be cheaper than buying them overseas. However, it costs $100 - $300 more than purchasing a US TV. Also, don't forget the money you lose when you have to sell a perfectly good TV bought in the US because you are being relocated overseas for business or are moving back to your country. If you only plan on living in the US for a couple of years it makes more sense for you to purchase electronic equipment that you can take back with you, instead of selling your TV at half the price. Where would one go about purchasing a Multisystem TV from?

Fortunately, there is an online business called Overseas Best Buy which has many kinds of Multisystem TVs for you to choose from. Overseas Best Buy has exceptional customer service and quality products to offer. This company not only sells and ships Multisystem TVs to your door, but also has the cheapest prices available. I guarantee that you will not regret this decision.

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