Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't Take Your Toys for Granted

When we hear the words major electronics, what comes to mind for many people are washers and dryers, dishwashers, or refrigerators. Anyelectronic devices that entertain us, educate us, or make our lives easier are really major electronics.

Also, when the word major is looked up in the dictionary, two of the definitions work when linked with the word electronics. Those words areserious and significant. Both work with the word electronics. Significant means having a major or important effect. Serious means important or to require thought and attention. So when the word major electronics is put together then the main idea is that all electronics are serious and important enough to require some thought and attention.
Not meaning to digress from the subject of electronics or specifics of electronic devices in any way, but to not mention that our culture is in love with electronic devices would be criminal. We all love our cellular phones, Mp3 players, super top of the line speakers, flat screen television sets, and digital cameras, printers that print our photos with the touch of a button, our computers, scanners, fax machines and many more items that would fill pages if not volumes of books. 
What’s not to love about electronics? Our culture has made tremendous strides over the last 20 to 30 years when it comes to electronics and entertainment. We didn’t have talking greeting cards or digital photo frames a few years ago. We didn’t have cameras that fit on top of our computers so that we could actually watch each other and do video communication at such a level to just say, “… this stuff is ordinary.” The truth is all electronic devices are major when you think about the scientific research and study that went into development and production of any such electronic equipment. 
There are digital movies, games and specialized electronic equipment to play those games with. We can simulate flight while sitting at our desk or race a car around a track in the comfort of our easy chairs at home.  We can laugh or cry when watching a DVD, or actually work out on equipment that is really quite a modern miracle.  
Let’s not take our electronic toys for granted. Electronics are major steps forward in our evolution process. Maybe when shopping for any major electronic device it might be humbling to remember that there are some other major electronic devices you can’t find online…perhaps the most major electronic device on earth might be the little tiny device the doctor puts in your loved one's chest to keep the old a heart a-pumping. Think about how wonderful our major electronics really are.

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